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Deatherage Health Products

Deatherage Health Products was founded in 1986 by Dr. Christopher and Gloria Deatherage to provide the finest natural health products and natural foods to their patients and the public.

Dr. Deatherage realized that the quality of most nutritional herbal supplemnts sold to the public through health food stores and mail-order companies were low quality, only marginally effective, and lacked clinical data to support their use. Deatherage Health Products carries nutritional and herbal supplements that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have solid clinical data to support their effectiveness.

Preparation for Your Thermogram

Please consider the following points before receiving your thermogram:

1. Please do not shower, exercise, or engage in any activities that will increase your blood circulation.

2. Have a light breakfast, replacing any coffee (caf or decaf), black or green teas with herbal teas. No caffinated soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi.

3. Please do not smoke or drink alcohol a minimum of 24 hours before receiving your thermogram.

4. Take only medications you take regularly and to which your body has adapted. Your physician and/or therapist can give you further information.

5. Your arms and legs need to be covered regardless of weather and season. Wear comfortable clothes like a long-sleeve shirt or a sweater and loose-fitting, full-length pants, with shoes and socks.

6. No tight fitting clothing - avoid any item of clothing that leaves a red mark when you remove it.

7. Please do not use any creams, lotions or make-up on your skin. Men should not shave the morning of the thermogram.

8. Avoid confrontation or emotional stress on the day of your thermogram.

Please Call Gloria if You Have Questions: (417) 683-1300