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Deatherage Health Products

Deatherage Health Products was founded in 1986 by Dr. Christopher and Gloria Deatherage to provide the finest natural health products and natural foods to their patients and the public.

Dr. Deatherage realized that the quality of most nutritional herbal supplemnts sold to the public through health food stores and mail-order companies were low quality, only marginally effective, and lacked clinical data to support their use. Deatherage Health Products carries nutritional and herbal supplements that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have solid clinical data to support their effectiveness.

Dr. Christopher Deatherage, ND

We offer in office naturopathic health assessments including thermography, consultation and functional testing.

In our individualized wellness programs, we utilize natural remedies and therapies, together with our full line of natural health products.

We also offer phone consultations for those at a distance.

Please feel free to phone for an appointment: (417) 683-1300

About Our Practice

Dr. Deatherage

Christopher S. Deatherage, ND, is the senior naturopathic doctor in the state of Missouri and has been in practice for 32 years. He has been trained in a wide variety of health assessment skills as well as in the use of proven traditional natural therapies. Our clinic is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains where Dr. Deatherage sees patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Gloria Deatherage is the wife and practice manager of Dr. Deatherage. She also manages Deatherage Health Products and serves as an educator for our patients in the areas of natural childbirth and nursing, wellness and lifestyle reform, and teaches traditional skills she learned while growing up on an Ozark farm.

Some of the services we offer in our practice: