Dr. Christopher Deatherage, ND
Rural Route 5,
Box 806,
Ava, Missouri 65608
Phone for Appointment: (417)683-1300

Deatherage Health Products

Deatherage Health Products was founded in 1986 by Dr. Christopher and Gloria Deatherage to provide the finest natural health products and natural foods to their patients and the public.

Dr. Deatherage realized that the quality of most nutritional herbal supplemnts sold to the public through health food stores and mail-order companies were low quality, only marginally effective, and lacked clinical data to support their use. Deatherage Health Products carries nutritional and herbal supplements that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have solid clinical data to support their effectiveness.

Phone Consulting Information

When I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s, our family doctor would make house calls and answer his home phone after hours.

In our practice of thirty-six years, we know you will benefit by having the service of a naturopathic phone consultation available during and after office hours.

Many times, basic, acute and chronic health problems can be addressed over the phone in the comfort of the patient’s home.

It is common for our "telephone" patients, having experienced the wonderful benefit of natural medicine, to travel to our office in the Ozark Mountains for further naturopathic assessment in our clinic.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

For a naturopathic phone consult please call: (417) 683-1300 for an appointment.