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Deatherage Health Products was founded in 1986 by Dr. Christopher and Gloria Deatherage to provide the finest natural health products and natural foods to their patients and the public.


Dr. Deatherage realized that the quality of most nutritional herbal supplemnts sold to the public through health food stores and mail-order companies were low quality, only marginally effective, and lacked clinical data to support their use. Deatherage Health Products carries nutritional and herbal supplements that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have solid clinical data to support their effectiveness.


The Value of N.E.A.T.

        N.E.A.T. (non exercise activity thermogenesis) is the term popularized by Steven Levine, M.D. for energy people expend by daily activities not usually considered exercise. Studies show that sitting for long periods of time contribute to health concerns such as circulatory and respiratory problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc. and that normal daily physical activities reduce the chances of such. 

In my article New Start, I emphasized the importance of daily exercise and the fact that every physiological process such as digestion,  assimilation, and metabolism, detoxification of harmful substances in our bodies, and normal function of our immune systems depend upon us being physically active throughout the day, not just during a workout session. 

In the beginning God created our bodies for activity and our forefathers walked, chopped wood, etc. and stayed fit and strong by using their bodies throughout the day. My wife and I who are both in our late sixties follow the following N.E.A.T. exercises daily. We start the day with core exercises such as sit-ups, lying hip bridges, squats, push-ups, and toe stands, followed by at least one hour of outdoor activity like cutting and splitting wood for heating our house and clinic, gardening, yard work, walking our German shepherd, etc.  Throughout the day, we stay active by performing many manual jobs and projects and are in better physical condition than we have been in years. 

It is amazing that people can actually burn more calories throughout the day than in one hour at the gym with the above activities and develop better muscle tone and strength, with the added advantage of performing productive activities and the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and connection to nature-God’s creation.

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